Endangered Animals of Arunachal Pradesh: 10 Species in Need of Conservation

Explore the amazing land of Arunachal Pradesh, full of natural beauties and great variety. We shall explore the life of ten threatened species that make this Indian state home in this page. From beautiful giants to stealthy predators, these animals urgently need protection to guarantee their existence. Come enjoy the special beauty of Arunachal Pradesh with us and help us to highlight the difficulties these amazing animals endure. Welcome to “Endangered Animals of Arunachal Pradesh: 10 Species in Needs of Conservation.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Arunachal Pradesh is home to several endemic animal species.
  • The Namsang kukri snake (Oligodon erythrorhachis) is a species of snake found in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The Arunachal macaque (Macaca munzala) is a macaque native to Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Arunachal Pradesh is known for its biodiversity, with major animal species including tigers, leopards, snow leopards, Asian elephants, and more.
  • The Bugun Liocichla, a critically-endangered bird species, was spotted at Eaglenest Pass in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Arunachal Pradesh has three tiger reserves: Namdapha, Kamlang, and Pakke.
  • The red panda, which is the state animal of Sikkim, is also found in Arunachal Pradesh and is listed as endangered.

10 Endangered Animals of Arunachal Pradesh

10 endangered animals of arunachal pradesh

Renowned for its great biodiversity, the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh hosts a number of unusual and threatened animal species. The ten threatened species of Arunachal Pradesh discussed in this paper are desperately in need of protection initiatives.

1. Oligodon erythrorhachis, the namesang kukri snake

One species of snake found alone in Arunachal Pradesh is the Namsang Kukri Snake. This elusive insect is renowned for its strikingly formed head and vivid colouring. Illegal wildlife trade and habitat destruction are driving fast falling Namsang Kukri Snake population.

2. Macaque Arunachal, Macaca munzala

Another threatened animal that needs immediate attention is the native primate species Arunachal Macaque, found just in Arunachal Pradesh. Under threat from habitat degradation and hunting, the Arunachal Macaque is rapidly losing population.

Three: tigers, leopards, and snow leopards.

Furthermore found in Arunachal Pradesh are magnificent big cats such tigers, leopards, and snow leopards. Maintaining the fragile equilibrium of the ecosystem depends much on these famous creatures. Still, their numbers are under danger from habitat loss and hunting.

4. Asian Elephant

Renowned for their intelligence and sheer enormity, the Asian elephants of Arunachal Pradesh must overcome several obstacles. Their survival is seriously threatened by human-elephant conflicts and deforestation. Efforts ought to be directed toward preserving their natural environments and creating paths of migration.

5: Bugun Liocichla

First found in Eaglenest Pass in Arunachal Pradesh, the brilliantly beautiful Bugun Liocichla is a species under extreme risk. Hunting and habitat destruction have driven this bird dangerously close to extinction. Initiatives for conservation have to concentrate on protecting the surviving people and their environments.

6 There are three Tiger Reserves.

Three tiger reserves – Namdapha, Kamlang, and Pakke make Arunachal Pradesh proud. The threatened Bengal tigers depend critically on these protected regions as habitat. Still, the survival and expansion of the tiger population depend on good management and anti-poaching policies.

7. Red Panda

Also categorized as endangered and located in Arunachal Pradesh is the lovely red panda, Sikkim’s official animal. Its unusual activities and striking look make it a charismatic species. Its survival depends on its woodland habitats being kept free from poaching and destruction.

8: Hoolock Gibbon

Considered a flagship primate species of Arunachal Pradesh, the Hoolock Gibbon is well-known for its melodic vocals and acrobatic abilities Their number has dropped as habitat damage brought on by forestry and pet trade hunting has occurred. Efforts at conservation should concentrate on maintaining their forest environments.

9. Shadowy Leopards

Found in Arunachal Pradesh, the amazing but threatened clouded leopard has exquisite cloud-like patterns on its fur. Their life is threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting. Their survival depends critically on strengthening conservation policies and raising awareness.

10. Black Bear from Himalayans

Arunachal Pradesh also lists the Himalayan black bear, distinguished by its clear crescent-shaped white breast mark, as an endangered species. Their preservation suffers greatly from habitat deterioration, poaching, and human-wildlife conflicts. Essential are preserving their ecosystems and putting good conservation plans into use.

Arunachal Pradesh is, all things considered, a treasure store of biodiversity with many threatened animal species. We all have to give their preservation top priority. We can ensure the future survival of these amazing animals and safeguard the delicate environments they call home by increasing awareness and putting strict conservation policies into effect.

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Endangered Animal 2: Arunachal Macaque

10 endangered animals of arunachal pradesh

One of the rare and threatened animal species found just in Arunachal Pradesh, in Northeast India, the Arunachal Macaque is technically known as Macaca munzala. Native to the area, this macaque is a monkey who is absolutely essential for preserving the fragile equilibrium of the ecology. Sadly, a number of elements including habitat degradation and hunting endanger the Arunachal Macaque species.

Rich in biodiversity, Arunachal Pradesh boasts a number of endemic and endangered species. Apart from the Arunachal Macaque, the state provides a major habitat for other threatened species including marbled and golden cat. These feline species deal with their own issues like poaching and habitat destruction.

Arunachal Pradesh boasts an amazing avian diversity—more than 500 bird species—many of which are extremely uncommon and seriously threatened. Among them, the white-winged duck, scatter, monal, and Bengal florican are particular to this area and cannot be found anyplace else in the planet.

Many species in Arunachal Pradesh are at danger of extinction due to the serious problems of rampant habitat loss and poaching. Population of tigers, leopard, clouded leopard, and snow leopard are fast dropping. This concerning state demands quick conservation initiatives to safeguard Arunachal Pradesh’s special biodiversity.

Reducing the risks these species face depends mostly on strict policies against poaching and illegal wildlife trading. Programs for conservation ought to be carried out to help these threatened species find their habitats restored and protected. Initiatives also have to concentrate on raising knowledge among the nearby populations and businesses on the conservation situation of these species.

Finally, conservation initiatives are desperately needed for the Arunachal Macaque and other threatened animal species of Arunachal Pradesh. Maintaining their survival and preserving the natural balance of the area depend on safeguarding their habitats and increasing knowledge of their condition of conservation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Arunachal Macaque is an endangered primate species found exclusively in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Other endangered species in the region include the golden cat and marbled cat.
  • Arunachal Pradesh is known for its remarkable avian diversity, with many rare and endangered bird species.
  • Habitat loss and poaching are the primary threats faced by these endangered animals.
  • Strict measures against poaching and illegal wildlife trade should be implemented.
  • Conservation programs and initiatives are necessary to protect the habitats of these species.
  • Increasing awareness about the conservation status of these animals is crucial for their survival.


Endangered Animal 3: Marbled Cat

Found in the lovely Arunachal Pradesh, India, the endangered feline species The Marbled Cat is an intriguing animal. This elusive cat is a real gem of the local fauna with its distinctive marks and elegant movements.

A Enchanting Mystery

The Marbled Cat (Pardofelis marmorata) gets its name from its exquisite coat, which has marbled look and complex patterns. Usually weighing between three and five kg, this medium-sized cat has a 46 to 62 centimeter body length.

A Habitat under Danger

Native to the deep forests of Arunachal Pradesh, this amazing cat species finds cover in undergrowth and trees. Still, habitat loss and degradation brought on by encroachment and deforestation endanger its population.

Survival’s Difficulties

Fighting for survival presents many difficulties for the Marbled Cat. Its native habitat is lost, therefore it becomes more susceptible to human-wildlife conflicts and gets more isolated, so impeding its capacity to locate mates and preserve a good population. Further endangering their survival are illicit hunting and trapping for fur.

Conservation Projects

Protection of the Marbled Cat and its habitat in Arunachal Pradesh is under active effort. To carry out projects including habitat restoration, anti-poaching programs, and public awareness campaigns, conservation groups, nearby towns, and government agencies are banding together.

safeguarding the delicate equilibrium

Not only is the Marbled Cat’s individual survival dependent on preservation, but also the fragile equilibrium of the ecosystem depends on it. Being a predator, the Marbled Cat is quite important in regulating rodent numbers, thereby preventing ecological imbalance that can endanger other species and disturb the general state of the environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Marbled Cat is an endangered feline species found in Arunachal Pradesh, India.
  • Its striking appearance, with a marbled coat and unique patterns, makes it a captivating creature.
  • Habitat loss and degradation pose major threats to the survival of the Marbled Cat.
  • Conservation efforts focus on habitat restoration, anti-poaching measures, and raising public awareness.
  • Preserving the Marbled Cat is essential for maintaining ecological balance in the region.

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Conservation Efforts and Challenges

With its great biodiversity and threatened species, Arunachal Pradesh calls for focused conservation to help these animals stay from extinction. The difficult terrain and isolated tribal villages make preservation in this area even more vital.

Community Environmental Projects

Community-based conservation initiatives aiming at safeguarding Western Arunachal Pradesh’s wildlife have been launched. Established are several community-conserved zones spanning roughly 1500 sq km of woodland [^2^]. The IUCN characterizes these places as “natural and/or modified.” Local communities participating in conservation activities increases the likelihood of success in safeguarding threatened animal habitats.

Protection of Threatened Species

Arunachal Pradesh’s conservation projects center on safeguarding the habitats of several threatened species. One such a species at danger in the area is the Red Panda. The survival of this unusual species depends on the preservation of its habitat, which includes forest conservation and the stop of deforestation [^2^].

Preservation of Plant Variability

Another crucial component of conservation initiatives in Arunachal Pradesh is maintaining the distinctive and varied patterns of plant variety. There are many different kinds of plants in the state; some of them are endemic and under threat. Ensuring the survival of these plant species depends on safeguarding their habitats and carrying out policies meant to stop habitat degradation [^2^].

Difficulties Experienced

Arunachal Pradesh’s conservation initiatives run several difficulties. The isolated and rough terrain makes access challenging, so impeding efforts at conservation. Furthermore, the separation of tribal people makes it difficult to carry out sensible conservation policies. Deforestation-related habitat loss presents another significant hazard to the survival of threatened species as well as disturbs the delicate equilibrium of the ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  • Community conservation efforts have been implemented in Western Arunachal Pradesh, with the establishment of community-conserved areas.
  • Protecting the habitats of endangered animals like the Red Panda is crucial for their survival.
  • Preserving the unique plant diversity patterns in Arunachal Pradesh is important for conserving rare and endemic plant species.
  • The challenging terrain and isolation of tribal communities pose challenges to conservation efforts.
  • Habitat loss due to deforestation is a significant threat to wildlife and the ecosystem in Arunachal Pradesh.


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Q1: Arunachal Pradesh boasts certain threatened animal species. What are they?

Among the species in threat in Arunachal Pradesh are the red panda, golden cat, marbled cat, tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, and snow leopard.

Q2: Arunachal Pradesh’s red panda’s state of conservation is what?

Under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife, (Protection) Act, 1972, the red panda is designated as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Among the most threatened species in the area is regarded to be this one.

Q3: Why are Arunachal Pradesh’s large cat populations under danger? Tigers and leopards?

A3: Poaching and habitat loss harm the big cats in Arunachal Pradesh, including leopards and tigers. Their populations are seriously threatened by rampant destruction of forests and illicit trading in animals.

Arunachal Pradesh boasts how many different species of birds? Q4

A4: With about 500 species of birds, Arunachal Pradesh is renowned for its avian variety. Numerous of these bird species are extremely uncommon and seriously threatened.

Q5: To save the threatened species in Arunachal Pradesh, what kind of conservation work is under progress?

Arunachal Pradesh is working on several conservation initiatives include raising knowledge of the threatened species, enforcing strong anti- poaching and illegal wildlife trading policies, and starting habitat restoration and protection projects. These initiatives seek to maintain the area’s particular biodiversity.


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